A College With Momentum on Its Side

Recent years have seen stunning moves in our institutional rankings: Forbes Magazine, U.S. News and others now name St. Norbert one of the top colleges in the nation.

Equally stunning have been the strides made by our student body. In the last several years, we’ve enrolled record classes – not just in size but in achievement. Incoming students have boasted the highest GPAs, test scores and accomplishments of any classes – ever. 

Excellence abounds at the front of our classrooms, too: Our faculty are passionate teachers and respected researchers; many are nationally and internationally known.  Difference-makers in the lives of our students, they are also, increasingly, newsmakers.

As is the college itself. Recognized in the pages of The Wall Street Journal, The Chronicle of Higher Education, Time magazine and others, St. Norbert finds itself more than ever a prominent voice in our communities – local, regional, national and global.

And if more evidence is needed of an institution on the move, recent major building projects have given us physical facilities that are the envy of our peers.

To consider all of this is to reach an inescapable conclusion: St. Norbert College has momentum. 

Now is the Time to Be Bold
With the wind at our backs, it is time to seize our opportunity and move forward.

Campaign St. Norbert: Full Ahead will transform our institution. It will propel us into the ranks of the very best Catholic liberal arts colleges in the nation. It will set the foundation for a second century every bit the equal of our first.

The Campaign at a Glance
Campaign St. Norbert: Full Ahead will raise $90 million, to be allocated to five critical areas:
  • Financial aid: $20 million
  • Faculty support: $15 million
  • Student experience: $10 million
  • A new science center: $35 million
  • Enhancement of existing facilities: $10 million

For a full overview, reference the Campaign St. Norbert: Full Ahead case statement.

Campaign Co-chairs
Dan and Nancy Dickinson
Hawthorn Woods, Illinois

Ed ’71 and Ann ’72 Sturzl
Plymouth, Wisconsin

Mike Van Asten ’75
Fremont, Wisconsin