Campaign Priorities

These are momentous times for St. Norbert College. The daring of our students, the commitment of our faculty, the stewardship of our leaders and the moral guidance of the Norbertines have brought us to a threshold. They have provided us with momentum – and powerful inspiration to move forward.

Make a Gift

Providing Financial Aid for Students

Goal $20 million

Students come to our college community from every possible background, to discover their true vocations and to pursue lives of purpose and consequence. Some must defer the dream for the simple reason that it is financially beyond their grasp. With your help, we will change that …

Strengthening Faculty & Academic Programs

Goal $15 million

A rare breed of scholar/teacher commits their life’s work to the students and ideals of a liberal arts college like ours. Your support ensures their ability to grow as scientists, musicians and historians, and to connect the next generation of students to worlds of once unimagined possibility.

Building a New Center for the Sciences

Goal $35 million

Our vision for a new center for the sciences embraces the hope that only science provides, to heal the planet, improve human health and solve other great challenges. We can equip our faculty and students to work on the leading edge of science and mathematics, and celebrate the unlimited capacity of human beings to explore and understand our world.

Enriching the Student Experience

Goal $10 million

Liberal arts colleges defend the idea that a complete education requires intellectual, moral and personal development. We will bring greater resources to bear to help our students move easily between the classroom and larger life experiences.

Enhancing & Improving Existing Facilities

Goal $10 million

As vital to us as the new facilities that take us forward are the old ones that endure. Help us sustain the entirety of a living and learning environment that enables greatness, and the best of the human spirit, to take root and thrive.