Creating Opportunities

Fully 97% of those currently enrolled at the college receive some form of financial aid.

With your help, through Campaign St Norbert: Full Ahead we will provide aid to the neediest of students, for whom a college education would otherwise be unattainable. 

We will also assist students from working-class families, for whom tuition payments are pitted squarely, often overwhelmingly, against the costs of supporting a household.

Additionally, the campaign will fund merit-based scholarships that will attract students of high caliber to St. Norbert, further enhancing the rich dialogue that takes place on our campus every day. And we will offer aid to students of singular talent, as well as those who have overcome unique obstacles to reach our doors.

Through these measures, we will provide young men and women with the support that, coupled with their own hard work, will allow them to attain their dream of a St. Norbert education.