Fostering Academic Excellence

Men and women who are truly passionate about teaching are drawn to St. Norbert. They come because, in the intimate classrooms here, they can instruct small groups of students … open their eyes to the wonders of the world … and change lives.

Consistently, our students point to the one-on-one attention they receive from faculty as the best part of their college experience; just as consistently, our alumni point to faculty members who had a transformational effect on their lives. Simply put, St. Norbert faculty prepare our students for the world, and they do so with exceptional passion and skill.

Through Campaign St. Norbert: Full Ahead, we will provide them with the tools they need to continue in this cause. We will support research projects that not only advance our faculty’s own scholarship, but provide rich source material for classroom instruction. 

We will also support the student-faculty collaborations that prove so transformative for our students, enriching their learning and providing distinctive experiences to propel them to future success.