Enriching the Student Experience

We believe students learn most deeply when they are fully engaged inside and outside the classroom.

For some, a trip to a foreign country opens their eyes to the vastness of the world, the richness of its cultures and the depths of its needs. Others find within our local community the opportunity to apply their growing knowledge for the good of all. Still others discover on the campus itself new ways to express themselves, new interests to explore, new strengths and aptitudes. 

A Journey of Discovery
Through these experiences and others, students learn to collaborate, to inspire and to lead. They develop deep and lasting friendships. They discover their passions. They come to know their world, and they come to know themselves.

Campaign funds will allow us to support the Norman Miller Center for Peace, Justice & Public Understanding and the Sturzl Center for Community Service and Learning. They will help us attract thought leaders in every field to come to our campus to speak and inspire. They will enable us to underwrite student travel, nationally and internationally, for service, coursework and research. They will help us continue the remarkable strides being made in our Honors Program, attracting highly motivated student-scholars into a diverse and dynamic intellectual community.

In short, with resources generated through Campaign St. Norbert: Full Ahead, we will bring the world to our students, and our students to the world – enriching both.