Ways to Give to the College’s Endowment

Some of the funds in the college’s endowment are designated for general use, while others are designated for specific purposes.

When you give to the endowment, you have three options:

You can give to the general endowment fund. These gifts can be used in the area of greatest need, at the college’s discretion.

You can give to a specific fund within the endowment. Over the years, many “funds within the fund” have been added to the endowment to create specific scholarships, or to support particular programs, or to underwrite professorships, or for other designated purposes. These funds are used only as specified. You may designate an endowment gift to any of these existing funds, as your interest dictates.

You may create a new fund within the endowment. Those who wish to contribute to the endowment at exceptional levels may choose to do so through a new, named fund. At the discretion of the President’s Cabinet, a variety of programs, positions and programs may be named and funded. Some of those (along with the funding typically required for them) are:

Endowed Fellowships   $250,000
Endowed Scholarships $25,000
Annual Scholarships $2,500 annually
Named Chairs $1,500,000
Named Professorships $750,000
Named Academic Programs $  Varies

The mission of College Advancement is to help you connect with and support the college in the ways that are most meaningful to you. To that end, if you have questions about giving to the endowment, or about any aspect of college support, we welcome the opportunity to be of service