What Kind of Gift Should You Make?

Broadly speaking, gifts to the college fall into two categories: “gifts for today” and “gifts for today and tomorrow” (these are also referred to as operating gifts and endowment gifts, respectively). Gifts of both kinds will be credited to the campaign.

Operating gifts are applied to the immediate, ongoing funding needs of the college today. Endowment gifts, in contrast, are invested in a fund that produces earnings the college can access for its needs well into the future.

Gifts for Today
If you have ever given to the St. Norbert Fund, our annual appeal, you have given to the college’s operating funds. These gifts are applied immediately to financial aid and other needs. 

While the campaign is underway, gifts to the St. Norbert Fund, and any other operating gifts, will all be included under the umbrella of campaign giving.

To designate or not to designate? 
When you make an operating gift, you do not need to direct your gift to any particular purpose. You can simply make an undesignated gift, which offers the college the flexibility to apply your gift to the area of greatest need.

But you also have the option to designate a gift, and many people choose to do so. If there is an aspect of St. Norbert College that you feel is especially deserving of your support, you may designate your gift for that purpose. For some, it may be to fund scholarships. For others, it may be to support a student program, or performing group, or team, or academic subject that holds special meaning.

Gifts for Today … and Tomorrow
When you make an endowment gift, you help to build a strong and lasting future for St. Norbert. The college’s endowment is a permanent, long-term fund that invests in assets that will provide both growth and income in the future. The college draws a specific percentage each year from the endowment to sustain its programs, while reinvesting any additional income to grow the endowment.