A Community of Giving

The success of Campaign St. Norbert: Full Ahead requires the support and commitment of the entire college community:

Few can appreciate St. Norbert College quite like those fortunate enough to claim it as their alma mater. Blessed to have received an outstanding education here, our alumni are eager to confer that blessing on others. Thus our graduates are among the college’s most ardent supporters, and they will be critical to the success of the campaign.

Parents of St. Norbert students can be justly proud of their sons and daughters: proud that they have earned a place here, proud of the education they are receiving, and proud of the people St. Norbert will help them become.

Friends of the College
Norbertine ideals of community strongly inform the college’s relationship with those who share our corner of the world. We strive to make St. Norbert a welcoming place, one in which all can partake in the cultural, educational, spiritual and communal riches that abound here. It is not surprising, then, that many of our most generous supporters are, simply, our neighbors.

Students and Recent Grads
Philanthropy is an act, not an amount. Students and recent graduates have practical limits on the financial support they can offer the college, but every gift, no matter how small, is an affirmation of the relationship between an individual and their school.

Faculty and Staff
Coming to work each day on a beautiful campus, surrounded by eager learners and others equally eager to teach them, is a privilege cherished by our faculty and staff. As witnesses to the transformative effects of St. Norbert on our students, many feel called to help safeguard that experience for future generations. The payroll deduction form offers a convenient way for faculty and staff to support St. Norbert College. 

Learn more about All Aboard, the faculty and staff campaign.

Corporations and Foundations
For many in the business community, an investment in St. Norbert College’s present is an investment in their own future. St. Norbert graduates enter the workforce exceptionally well prepared, with a global mindset, carefully honed skills and the ability to react nimbly to change. Supporting the college means supporting new generations of leadership, and building the braintrust that will help shape not only our corner of Wisconsin, but the world. 

Many of our community partners also give to the college through the sponsorship of various events, including arts programming, speakers’ series, college sports and campus-wide events. We will be happy to identify opportunities for you to partner with the college.

Recognizing Our Donors
Through our honorary giving societies, we’re pleased to be able to recognize those whose support St. Norbert College.

For questions regarding giving, please contact College Advancement.