Stories of Giving – and Receiving
Giving to St. Norbert is done for many reasons, takes many forms and helps in many ways. Here, the stories of why some donors have given ... and how our students’ lives have been changed.
Story Image Small Campus Leads to Great Opportunities

“Because this campus is smaller and a liberal arts college, there are more individualized opportunities here. Being in the art department, there’s only a handful of majors that are in each graduating class, so I have been able to be singled out and given opportunities so many times. I’m able to work for Katie Ries or work with other art professors in the art department, have opportunities given to me, show my work and be recognized as an individual in the eyes of the college. I feel like that would be a lot more difficult at a bigger school or an art school where everyone is trying to do what I’m trying to do. ”

– Grace Beno ’21

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Story Image SNC Fosters an Environment for Interest Exploration and Discovery

“Funnily enough, I didn’t choose St. Norbert knowing that there would be such service opportunities or that I would be so focused on them! I zeroed in on St. Norbert just because I have many different interests, I wanted a school that had a strong reputation for the sciences. I also wanted to continue playing tennis in college. I wanted to be able to continue playing in a band or being in an ensemble on campus and the list goes on and on. Since I’ve been at St. Norbert, not only have I been able to do all those things, but I’ve discovered this passion for service, as well.”

– Porter Beilfuss ’22

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Campus Photos Build Lasting Family Legacy

A summer family photo taken on the St. Norbert College campus has led to a tradition for the Drummers family that has documented their family’s growth and connection to the college. 

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Story Image Faculty Relationships Make SNC Feel Like Home

“I feel so supported and that my well-being is constantly being looked out for, and that is something that I’ve appreciated. I can name professors where I can just walk into the room and say, ‘I need some life advice or support,’ and they’ll be there for me.” 

– Elisha Jaeke ’20

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Story Image Biology Major Finds Passion in the Arts

“I think that St. Norbert is really unique in that students from a wide variety of backgrounds are able to participate in the same activities and organizations. For instance, while I am a biology major on campus, I am heavily involved in vocal music organizations, which allow me to participate in something I am very passionate about.”

– Nicholas Surprise ’20

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Will This be on the Final?

It’s the little rituals as much as the syllabus that creates a community in the classroom – and SNC professors embrace them!

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Friendships and Learning Opportunities Impactful for Future Teacher

“St. Norbert has helped me to become a more independent and confident woman, who knows what she wants and is a leader for others as well as for her own life.”

– Elizabeth Bobinski ’20

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Finding People and Purpose

“I came to St. Norbert College not knowing many people and little did I know that I would meet so many that would radically change my life. I have met people on this campus that have challenged me, made me ask hard questions, pushed me more than I have ever been in my life, and this has all helped me grow into a better version of myself.”

– Karen Suárez Jiménez ’20

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Meet Gavin Sorensen ’20

“SNC has equipped me with so many valuable assets for my future, yet the most valuable are the relationships I have built here. I continue to grow with the people around me, as we all prepare to charge at our futures together. I have met people here who I will never forget for the rest of my life, friends and peers who I know will always be there for me. And I don’t mean just my friends and roommates, but professors, staff, bosses and others, all of whom have helped shape who I am today.”

– Gavin Sorensen ’20

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Campus Activities Shape Worldview

"I feel that my involvement on campus has made me a more rounded person and has better prepared me for the working world."

– Marcus Williams ’21

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Story Image The Power of Scholarship

“The universe is filled with an infinite number of mysteries, and we have only tapped into one percent of one percent of those mysteries. I came into college expecting to walk away with answers to some of these questions, but I learned very quickly that getting an answer to one question leads to 10 more questions. I learned that the search for the answer is never over, and if I think I have the answer, the answer could change at any time. My scholarship has given me the tools to more deeply explore the mysteries of the universe. As a result, I will continue to be a lifelong explorer of the world around me. I have always loved learning about “life, the universe and everything,” but now I have the intellectual means to explore these things myself.” 

– Alexis Puyleart ’19

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Story Image Feeling at Home in the Science Center

“My favorite place on campus would have to be the Gehl-Mulva Science Center. This brand-new science center with all its wonder is one of the reasons I picked St. Norbert, and it is where I spend the majority of my time. Whether it be in classes, studying or doing research, the science center has it all. I can study in one of the communal areas and talk to my friends, or I can get a study room and lock myself away for some intense work.” 

– Mehakupinder Chahal ’19

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Story Image Finding Lifelong Connections

“The relationships that I have developed here at St. Norbert are by far going to be the most prominent memory I will leave here with. From my first campus visit through today, I can honestly say that I have felt welcomed and at home. I know that I am graduating with lifelong friendships, professors that I will stay in touch with and co-workers that have become friends.” 

– Caroline Gnadt ’18

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Story Image Making Mom Proud

“For myself, my scholarships mean that the hard work is paying off, especially for my family who has supported me from day one. I cannot show enough gratitude to St. Norbert for the opportunity to better my future. Being a first-generation student comes with a lot of hope and ambition to not only graduate, but to become a more well-rounded individual to help my family and the community.” 

– Keshawn Henning ’19

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Story Image Balancing Science and Faith at St. Norbert

“Being able to receive an education here at St. Norbert College, with scholarship support, means the world to me. Many people are puzzled by my choice in majors with the idea that science and faith cannot and do not mix. However, I think that doctors, health-care professionals, and scientists alike are proof that the link between the two is of utmost importance. And it is precisely for this reason that I am pursuing majors in both the sciences and philosophy – to learn about the nature of phenomena and its connection to the nature of man and his existence. I believe that God works through the hands of doctors to do his work and that he gives them the power to not only heal people but to give them hope and comfort. The education I am getting here at St. Norbert College is providing me with this balance of science and faith that is so crucial to success in what I want to do in the future. I want to be able to save and improve lives physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually through my practice some day.”

– Olivia Durocher ’19

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Story Image Experiencing SNC as a Green Knight Athlete

“Without this scholarship, I would probably not be playing baseball, because I would need to be working to pay for schooling. My scholarship is awesome because it lets me experience SNC as a Green Knight athlete.”

– Jason Malkowski ’18

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Story Image Love Seats Honor a Beautiful Marriage

Donald “Dutch” DuChateau ’50 and Cecilia DuChateau met at Bay Beach. Their memory lives on just eight miles south, on the St. Norbert campus, where two benches sit facing each other, as the couple themselves so often sat in life.

Dutch deeply loved his wife of 66 years. In 2012, when Cecilia died, Dutch ensured her memory would live on in a place very dear to his heart. When Dutch himself died, in 2014, his family wanted the memory of their father to share that special place.

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Story Image The Blessing that is a Scholarship

“My scholarship is an opportunity. An opportunity to represent my family, my city, and all of the fantastic people who have paved the way for me. This scholarship is another opportunity for me to do something bigger than myself. Honestly, I thank God every day for each blessing & gift He has given me, especially this scholarship.
St. Norbert has opened my mind to things that I would have not been exposed to on other campuses. I learned a new sense of community, love and leadership. Because of St. Norbert, my heart has been changed in many ways and for that, I am genuinely grateful.”

– Jasmine Yasmine Tremaine Babineaux ’19

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A Donor Reflection by Wayne C. Sigl ’70 and his wife Leesa R. Erickson

Wayne C. Sigl ’70 and his wife, Leesa R. Erickson, have endowed two scholarships at St. Norbert College: the Sigl Annual Scholarship and the Wayne C. Sigl Family Endowed Scholarship.

In this interview, they speak about their support for St. Norbert College and their students.

Story Image St. Norbert College Receives Unprecedented Gift

The St. Norbert College endowment received an unprecedented gift to honor Donald J. Schneider’s legacy of serving the community and advancing Catholic education. Don Schneider was the president, CEO and chairman of Schneider National, a St. Norbert College student, alumnus, trustee and adjunct instructor, and a person deeply committed to the Catholic faith and values.

“We are honored and humbled by the remarkably generous gift from the Donald J. and Patricia A. Schneider Family and by their enduring devotion to helping others throughout our community,” said Brian Bruess, president of St. Norbert College. “Their gift will help St. Norbert College students for generations to come by providing a rigorous educational experience that engages them in community service and developmental experiences working with local organizations.”

For decades, Don and Pat Schneider have enabled mission-focused work to advance Catholic education, including St. Norbert College. Their support enabled the college to establish the Donald J. Schneider School of Business and Economics, a new Master of Business Administration (MBA) program, as well as a new athletic stadium. 

“Don and Pat’s passion and involvement over the years have been instrumental in making St. Norbert an exemplary, mission-centered college,” added Bruess. “In addition to supporting the college’s mission, the Schneider family’s contributions to community organizations are creating new opportunities for those who live, learn and work here.” 

Story Image Record Mulva Family Gift Makes Possible New Fitness & Sports Center

James J. and Miriam B. Mulva have donated $13 million to St. Norbert College toward a major expansion and renovation of its Schuldes Sports Center. The gift marks the largest individual contribution to St. Norbert in the 118-year history of the college.

In recognition of the Mulvas’ generosity, the new facility will be named the Mulva Family Fitness & Sports Center. Schuldes, which opened in 1979, has witnessed many significant moments in the college’s history, but it has been showing its age and recreational limitations for some years now.

“We are delighted to be able to help toward building the new Family Fitness and Sports Center,” said Miriam Mulva, speaking for the couple. “It is difficult to have a swim team without a pool, and a state-of-the-art fitness center is paramount to students when they are unable to work-out due to the Wisconsin weather. Stressing the wellness aspect of preventative medicine was also something which we thought was very important. It seemed to us that the Fitness & Sports Center was the last piece of the building puzzle that St. Norbert needed to give the students the total educational experience.”

Story Image The Impact of a Scholarship

“Without my scholarship, I would not have been able to attend St. Norbert. I am receiving such a wonderful education here, especially because majoring in biology allows me to experience the new science building. I toured the school right before my senior year of high school, and I still could not tell you who liked it more, my mother or me. We were both so thrilled when I was accepted AND received the Presidential Scholarship. St. Norbert College is a great school in a great part of Wisconsin. This education is amazing, and I could not be more thankful for it.”

– Olivia Graham ’18

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Story Image Former Cook Bequeaths $375,000

As a cook in the college cafeteria for decades, Regina Willems helped nourish generations of students. Upon her death at the age of 102, the college community benefited from a further contribution to its overall health, in the form of a generous bequest. Willems left the college an unrestricted gift of $375,000.

Story Image A New School – and a New High-Water Mark for Faculty Support

Pat Schneider, wife of Don Schneider ’57, donated $7 million to establish the Donald J. Schneider School of Business & Economics, as well as a new Master of Business Administration program. It is the largest donation ever received by the college to endow academics, and a remarkable show of support for the faculty who do so much to define our institution.

Story Image Gehl-Mulva Science Center Gained Early Impetus Thanks to One Donor’s Vision

For Mark Stinski ’63, the college experience extended well beyond the two years he spent at St. Norbert from 1959-61, but the retired University of Iowa professor never forgot the positive direction his life took as a result of his time here.

The Menasha, Wis., native’s first major gift to the college provided the necessary funds to pay for architectural planning on a renovation of John Minahan Science Hall. It was the gift that laid the foundation for creating the Gehl-Mulva Science Center and providing a home for the Medical College of Wisconsin’s Green Bay campus.

Dr. Stinski and his wife, Mary Ellen, made an additional major gift toward the 150,000-square-foot Gehl-Mulva Science Center. The project, true to the plans they funded, features a complete transformation of Minahan Science Hall, along with a 57,800-square-foot addition. Among the displays will be one honoring the scientific contributions of Norbertines, including Stinski’s mentor, Fr. Keefe.