Meet Braxton Thompson ’21
Our Standout Student for Winter 2021

Major: Spanish education
Graduation date: May 2021
GPA: 3.64
Hometown: Boyd, Wis.

Organizations and activities: 
  • Men’s Track and Field
  • SNC Smash Fridays
  • Equality Project
  • Resident Assistant
  • Men of Distinction
  • Connections
  • Study Abroad (Quito, Ecuador)
  • Respect Initiative

Scholarships and awards: 
  • Tobola Scholarship
  • Rutledge Scholarship
  • John F. Kennedy Scholarship
  • Three-time varsity letter winner for men’s track and field
  • Exemplary Leadership Award nominee

St. Norbert gives students the opportunity to experience the richness of college life, pursue their dreams and expand their knowledge.

Proudest achievement at St. Norbert:
Participating at Drake Relays as a first-year student!

What I’ll remember most about SNC:
I think I’m going to remember moving into the res halls on the first day the most. I can just remember the thrill and excitement I had of finally getting my things in the room, saying goodbye to my parents and knowing that I was going to be starting the nex chapter.

How St. Norbert has changed me:
St. Norbert in the beginning felt like a foreign place coming out of high school. But by the end of the first week, if not te first night, I knew this place was my home. I love the community, I love the campus, professors care about you, the coordinators in housing care about you. It’s just a very welcoming place. And St. Norbert has allowed me to grow into a more mature and independent individual.

My involvement with the Respect Initiative:
The Respect Initiative is about strengthening our community through trust and dialogue. It focuses on things like self-awareness, responsibility, reconciliation, common ground and investing in the common good. I think it’s a really important initiative for the college, because it shows we’re grounded in communio and really shows we care about everyone in the college, in our communities
and in our families.

What my scholarship means to me:
I’m very appreciative of the scholarship money. It helps a lot of students, especially me and my friends, and gives me the ability to come here. Neither of my parents and none of my siblings have gone to college. I’m paying for it by myself. It’s so helpful to have that backing; it makes it easier financially on me.

Plans for the future:
I plan to be a Spanish teacher somewhere in Wisconsin.