Meet Caroline Gnadt ’18
Major: Business administration, with a global business concentration
Minor: Political Science
Graduation date: May 2018
Hometown: Elmhurst, Ill.
Organizations and activities:
  • Study abroad, Macquarie University, Sydney, Australia
  • Head of purchasing and social media departments, Discoveries International
  • Communications coordinator, St. Norbert College Parish
  • Babysitter, St. Norbert College Parish
  • TRIPS participant, medical service in Memphis, Tenn.
  • Student development associate, St. Norbert Fund
  • Student Leadership Conference selectee, 2018

How St. Norbert has changed me
I believe that St. Norbert has a unique way of encouraging people to be well-rounded individuals. I have watched this development occur in, not only myself, but the people that I am surrounded by every day. If someone were to tell me during my college search that I was going to be involved in a program that allowed me to take a biophysical environments class in Australia, laughter would have ensued. The incredible experiences and array of knowledge provided to me by this institution have equipped me for opportunities that I would have never imagined possible and will carry with me for years to come. 
How I feel about my involvement in campus life:
I am proud of the different service, on-campus work, academic work and groups that I have been a part of (even if it just meant sitting in on a few meetings here and there). Even a simple walk to class, waving to friends, coworkers and professors reminds me that I am a member of an incredible community.

What I’ll remember most about SNC:
The relationships that I have developed here at St. Norbert are by far going to be the most prominent memory I will leave here with. From my first campus visit through today, I can honestly say that I have felt welcomed and at home. I know that I am graduating with lifelong friendships, professors that I will stay in touch with and co-workers that have become friends. 
What my scholarship means to me:
I have had the opportunity to raise money for the St. Norbert Fund over the past few years, which really has put things into perspective for me. When I first started calling, I was a bit intimidated and nervous about speaking with alumni regarding scholarship funds. Come to find out, I had nothing to be nervous about at all. It has been a privilege hearing their stories and memories of St. Norbert. I realized that it is a cycle that I, myself, look forward to jumping into, providing the opportunity for students like me to receive a quality education and be a proud alumna of St. Norbert College. Scholarships provided by alumni have a direct impact on the community of St. Norbert College.