Meet Gavin Sorensen ’20
Name: Gavin Sorensen
Major: Communication
Minor: English
GPA: 3.4
Graduation date: May 2020
Hometown: Oak Park, Illinois
Organizations and activities:
  • Phi Delta Theta president
  • Student alumni ambassador
  • Knights & Days organizer
  • Student Alumni Board representative 
  • Student philanthropy intern 
  • Party.0 organizer 
  • Week of Welcome mentor
  • Gateway instructor

Scholarships and awards:
  • John F. Kennedy Scholarship
  • Oak Park Arms Scholarship

How St. Norbert has changed me:  
I credit St. Norbert with making me who I am today. This institution has not only fostered my personal growth, but has completely changed me. St. Norbert introduced me to a community where I feel at home. It allows me to be my authentic self with all my peers around me. I truly feel a part of something of which I can always call home, no matter what. St. Norbert has stretched my limits academically and morally, teaching me to always think critically and challenge the environment around me. In addition, my college has also taught me the importance of self-reflection and to always seek room for improvement, and to think not only about myself, but everyone around me.  
What my scholarship means to me:
When I was granted my scholarship from SNC, it indicated to me that St. Norbert College had invested in me and believed in me. It made me realize how much the institution saw in me and what it thought I was capable of. That made the choice to attend St. Norbert even more meaningful.
How I feel about my involvement in campus life:
It seems I am always on the move during the school year; there is never really a regular day. I love being on the move and always having somewhere to go or do. My campus involvement has taught me so much, at times even more than my courses. I have learned to become a better leader and worker, and, through the internships I’ve had both on and off campus, have gained knowledge of what it takes to be successful in the professional world.  
Favorite place on campus:
My favorite place on campus is Ed’s! I start every morning at Ed’s, as they serve my fuel to make it through the day. Ed’s consistently has a great energy to it. I always see my friends whether I’m studying or just hopping in line to grab a quick coffee or sweetbread. The staff is so friendly, know me by name, and even know my custom sandwich orders. Ed’s serves as a great place to study, have meetings, or just hang out and catch up with friends.  
Plans for the future:
My future aspirations consistently seem to fluctuate as I learn and grow. However, I am aware that I desire to go into business, most likely the corporate world. I am very interested in sales, currently; however, as time goes on, I do aspire to be a leader within a large organization. I love working with people, considering all thoughts, ideas and voices and leading the way toward a common goal.  
What I’ll remember most about SNC:
SNC has equipped me with so many valuable assets for my future, yet the most valuable are the relationships I have built here. I continue to grow with the people around me, as we all prepare to charge at our futures together. I have met people here who I will never forget for the rest of my life, friends and peers who I know will always be there for me. And I don’t mean just my friends and roommates, but professors, staff, bosses and others, all of whom have helped shape who I am today.