Meet Logan Elkin ’23

Our Standout Student for Summer 2021

Major: Biology (Biomedical Emphasis)
Minor: Religious Studies
Graduation date: May 2023
GPA: 3.95
 Delafield, Wis.

Organizations and activities: 

  • Student representative, SNC office of admissions
  • Dr. Anindo Choudhury’s Parasitology Lab
  • Tri-Beta Biology Club


Scholarships and awards: 

  • Presidential Scholarship
  • Undergraduate Student-Faculty Collaborative Grant for Research
  • Exemplary Leadership Award
  • Dean’s List
  • James R. Hodgson Research Fellowship

St. Norbert gives students the opportunity to experience the richness of college life, pursue their dreams and expand their knowledge.

Proudest achievement at St. Norbert:
My proudest achievement at SNC was being awarded the Undergraduate Collaborative Grant for Research. I was focused on a single project in the lab which validated my future career goals.

Favorite place on campus:
My favorite place on campus is the Kunkel Meditation Garden. After a long day of studying, it is a great place to relax and admire the view of the Fox River. My favorite place to study is in the TA lounge in GMS. I can use a whiteboard, have a group study session with my friends, and connect with many of the professors.

How St. Norbert has changed me:
St. Norbert has given me so many opportunities to be the best version of myself and has connected me to a great social network. I have grown strong friendships on campus through intramurals, club events and classes. The faculty has cultivated meaningful change as they engage with students daily, give great advice and devote time and effort to help students achieve their goals. It is because of these connections I am so proud to say I am a Green Knight.

Plans for the future:
Before I leave SNC, I hope to complete several projects with Dr. Choudhury, my faculty mentor. After SNC, I plan on going to graduate school for a Ph.D., most likely in cellular and molecular biology.

How I feel about my involvement in campus life:
While the pandemic has changed many aspects of what “normal” college could be like, I am glad that I chose to make the best of a less-than-ideal situation. I was still able to socialize, be involved in clubs and have in-person classes. As I continue my time at SNC, I cannot wait to expand my involvement on campus, whether academically, socially or spiritually.