Meet Jasmine Yasmine Tremaine Babineaux ’19

Major: Psychology (changing to business management & creative writing)
Minors: Theatre Studies
Graduation Date: May 2019
GPA: 3.19
Hometown: Lafayette, La.

Organizations and activities:

  • Sensenbrenner Hall – RA
  • Delta Phi Epsilon member and treasurer
  • Panhellenic Council member 

Scholarships and awards:

  • John F. Kennedy Scholarship
  • 2016 Exemplary Leadership Award

What my scholarship means to me:
“My scholarship is an opportunity. An opportunity to represent my family, my city, and all of the fantastic people who have paved the way for me. This scholarship is another opportunity for me to do something bigger than myself. Honestly, I thank God every day for each blessing & gift He has given me, especially this scholarship.”

How St. Norbert has changed me: 
St. Norbert has opened my mind to things that I would have not been exposed to on other campuses. I learned a new sense of community, love and leadership. Because of St. Norbert, my heart has been changed in many ways and for that, I am genuinely grateful”

Plans for the future:
“My junior year of college, I plan to attend American University for the Washington Institute to intern with the NAACP. After graduating from SNC, I’d like to move back home to southern Louisiana and attend the University of New Orleans to obtain my master’s degree in business management and/or dual enroll to get my master’s in creative writing.”

People would be surprised if they knew:
My grandparents have raised me since I was born! They mean so much to me. My mom was a teen mother so my grandparents eventually took the wheel and raised me themselves.

Favorite place on campus:
“My favorite place on campus has to be Ed’s Cafe. I have had so many meaningful conversations with people who are very important to me today. Also, Ed’s has some pretty great iced coffee!”